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Carbon Honey

Carbon Honey Long Bottle (THICK)

Carbon Honey Long Bottle (THICK)

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15ml Thick Graphene Lubricant

Primarily designed for bushing balisongs!

As many know, balisong pivots see more wear and tear than most knives. Due to their recreational use, many flippers put their pivots under a lot of stress. From EDC use, flipping, modding and most importantly drops on hard surfaces.

This heavy weight oil is designed to stay in the pivots and reduce the risk of oil bleeding onto the blade or handles. The graphene additive also greatly reduces wear and tear while also increasing longevity of the heavy weight oil, meaning you will have to apply the oil less often.

Pivot Preference:

The long bottles use a type of acrylic cap. These acrylic caps can break, shatter or crack. Drops, falls or over tightening can cause the caps to fail. 2 finger tightness is more than enough pressure to keep the cap on. Use product with caution.


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